The Story of MaDawes Hair Products

After years of suffering from thin edges and damage hair, the CEO and Founder of MaDawes began to take classes and learned how to formulated hair care products that are made from Natural and Organic ingredients: Prepping and researching took awhile but she was excited to finally have her friends and family tried the products. Once all the reviews and feedbacks got to her, she then allowed outsiders tried the products. After almost a year she was finally ready to announce the launch of the company... MaDawes Hair Products: made with organic and natural ingredients.
Our story:
After years of wearing wigs and weave and lack of attention to her natural hair, She decided that it was time to take a different approach.
This was when her hair journey started. She began formulating few things out of some YouTube videos but then decided that She wanted to go the professional route.
That was when she started taking classes with “Professional Natural school of formulation”. Where She got her Certificate and Diploma as a Professional Formulator for Natural Haircare Products. After using these natural products for few months with few friends and family members they saw the improvements, therefore She knew that they were not the only ones with these types of issues. Taking care of your natural hair is very important and brings out the best beauty in oneself.
So we encourage you all to give us a try you will not be disappointed.